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Thundercast – #1

Joe (Thunderguru.com) and I decided to try our hand at the other medium of sports blogs – podcasting. We’re not professionals and don’t claim to be slick on the mic, but it was fun to put together and try out. If it’s a hit, we’ll definitely do more. But keep in mind, this is the first one so it may be a little rough around the edges. And also, keep in mind we recorded Tuesday, November 11, so anything referred to as “tomorrow” or “last night” should be considered from there. Also, feel free to email questions or post questions in the comments and Joe and I would love to answer some in the next podcast.

In today’s episode:

– Discussion of what went right and what went wrong Monday night’s loss in Indiana
– Breakdown of the Thunder’s offensive struggles
– Should Russell Westbrook be starting?
– The potential impact of Robert Swift