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Hornets 88, Thunder 79: Five very important thoughts

Hornets 88, Thunder 79: Five very important thoughts

I didn’t have a chance to listen, but here’s five things I took from the box score:

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1. Russell Westbrook wants to be a point guard and he’s proving it so far. How does 18 assists and three turnovers in two game do you?  He had just seven points on 2-8 shooting today, but eight assists in 24 minutes is dandy. The scoring will be there. I think it’s obvious that he’s doing his best to run the show rather than be the show.

2. Serge Ibaka has a chance to make this team. Twelve points on 6-10 shooting and nine rebounds gives him a leg up on Byron Mullens already. Add on two blocks and the big guy could be the back up center on the team this year. I thought he was likely Tulsa bound but with performances like today coupled with his solid Summer League, he has a shot.

3. Oklahoma City was outrebounded 50-36 today. That. Is. Not. Good. Basically, Serge Ibaka and Jeff Green rebounded the ball well (nine for Green as well).

4. I’m not all that concerned with low shooting percentages. We all know Kevin Durant isn’t going to have many 2-11 shooting nights. Obviously, 38 percent from the field isn’t all that wonderful, but it is the preseason. Other than Ibaka though, the bench shot incredibly poor. Kevin Ollie, Kyle Weaver, Mike Harris and Byron Mullens went a combined 4-14. Oh and in 23 minutes, Mullens was a -18 and had just one rebound. Yay.

5. Through two preseason games, Jeff Green has attempted ZERO free throws in 60 minutes. That’s actually kind of hard to do I think. Especially with the way these replacement refs are calling things. (Speaking of, things were better in that department. Just 46 fouls called and 55 free throws between the two teams.

Next up, Phoenix at the Ford Center Monday night. And after that, just 17 days until we do this for real.